British Columbia's Ultra-high-speed Advanced Network

BCNET's supercharged network is one of the world's most advanced, fibre optic regional advanced networks. The province-wide network is shared digital infrastructure that is dedicated to the needs of research universities, institutes and colleges.

The network spans 2,029 kilometers and connects Calgary to Kamloops to Kelowna and extends through Vancouver to Prince George and Victoria, offering up to 72 wavelengths of capacity at 10 Gigabits per second.

It interconnects 65 research and higher education institution sites in British Columbia and 72 colleges, universities and schools through the Provincial Learning Network (PLNet).

BCNET connects to CANARIE, Canada's National Research and Education Network, which links Canada to the United States through Internet2, to Europe through DANTE, and to 112 international advanced networks in over 80 countries.


The BCNET Advanced Network provides a powerful platform to deliver services efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably.


Network Service Bulletins



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