IPv6 is coming...BCNET and CANARIE are helping you prepare!

Together BCNET, CANARIE and Cisco have created an IPv6 Community Lab, a network test-bed to provide real-time resources to help you get IPv6 hands-on experience..

The lab is available to all network administrators at Canadian research universities and institutions.

What is the IPv6 Community Lab?

The lab is a hardware platform made up of routers, switches and virtual servers that enable you to configure, test routing, applications and services on an IPv6 network. You will learn about IPv6 by taking the step-by-step assignments that walk you through the testing of various network connections.

Getting Started

To begin your training, reserve the IPv6 Community Lab today!

CANARIE's Ten IPv6 Training Modules

CANARIE has developed 10 training modules to help your institution get IPv6-ready!


IPv6 Community Lab Sponsors

Reserve the IPv6 community lab today!



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